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All 2022 OBGC Sports will be following Covid-19 guidelines from the CDC, State of MD and Montgomery County.

Register For Spring Sports  

(Baseball, T-ball, Softball, Girls Lacrosse, Boys Lacrosse, Soccer & Flag Football)

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Registration issues should go to Kim Zelo at

All organizational questions can be directed to Brad Scott at



Brad Scott

Executive/Athletic Director


Fall Sports Programs

Tackle Football

House Soccer

House Softball

House T-ball and Baseball

Field Hockey

Lacrosse Clinics TBD

Winter Sports Programs



Indoor Soccer Clinic

Basketball/Softball Workouts

Rising Stars Basketball

I-270 Basketball


All families are part of the OBGC Time or Dime Program and are expected to either volunteer 5 hours over the course of the registered year (spring, fall, winter) or pay the $75 opt-out fee to cover the year.  Head coaches will have the $75 waived and it will not be charged at the time of registration. All other volunteers or families that opt-out of volunteering will be charged a $75 fee up front.  Volunteers that work their required time will then be refunded the $75 fee.

This volunteer program is based on the date from when you last registered as a volunteer or paid the volunteer opt out fee. For example if you registered as a volunteer in Spring 2022, you must volunteer the 5 hours before Jun 2022.